Speaking for Trout and Salmon


AD∙VO∙CATE n.  (AD•vuh•kit)  one who defends or supports a person or cause: an advocate for protection of coldwater resources.


At its core, advocacy is the process of taking a position and persuading others of it merits with the goal of securing consensus or a decision that advances a position.


Trout Unlimited has a long history of advocacy successes, many due to the hard work of people who never would have described themselves as advocates.


In fact, TU’s effectiveness lies in the willingness of grassroots volunteers—people like you—to conduct “on-the-ground” restoration projects and to serve as advocates supporting Trout Unlimited's mission to conserve, protect and restore North America’s trout and salmon fisheries and their watersheds.


Speaking for Trout and Salmon:
The TU Members Guide to
Environmental Law and Advocacy