UCCTU Announces Clean Water Game Played on Social Media: #CLEANMYWATER

Here at UCCTU we believe in protecting and cleaning our local water.  We assume you like the same things and we’re willing to step up and hopefully build a country-wide campaign to help your water too.  Your water, my water, it’s all our water.  

is simple:
  1. Like @UCCTU on your social media of choice then go fish (like you needed an excuse!)  
  2. Pick up some trash and fill your net with it when you’re day is done and on you’re on your way out. 
  3. Take a picture of your net or really interesting piece of trash (Show some of that beautiful water you just fished so we know you aren’t just playing from your garage). 
  4. Post that picture on Instagram and our Facebook and tag it with @UCCTU and #cleanmywater. 
  5. Let us know where you found it, the name of the piece of water and state is fine.  We’re not trying to find your secret honey hole!  We’ll use that info to track the impact on a map. It will be fun for all of us to watch the progress.  


Earth Day Celebration Prize Pack: UCCTU Member Chris Smith has donated a beautiful Reddington 6 piece 9ft 5w Travel Rod and our good friend Zach Yauch donated a really nice Alpen Reel.  The winner of the best net of trash will get their choice of the rod or reel.  The winner of the most unique trash item found will get what's left.  Pictures must be posted and tagged between 4/20 and 5/22.  On 5/22 we'll announce the three finalists for both categories and let social media vote on their favorite.  Stay tuned for details.  Use entry instructions avove.  

Main Prize Pack:  On Thanksgiving, we’ll post what we think are the best pictures from the entire campaign and then we’ll ask the social media universe to vote for the winners.  For now, you can win a pretty killer custom #CleanMyWater fly rod from our buddies at Walter’s Fly Rods.  However, we also hope to reward your efforts along the way with other great prizes.   

You do NOT need to be a UCCTU member to win.  Fish a lot? Enter as many times as you’d like.  At the end of the day we all win.  Feel free to invite your friends into the movement and stay tuned to @UCCTU on Instagram and Facebook for other great events and prizes we have planned along the way.  We’ll announce everything through our Facebook page and on Instagram.

Happy Hunting!

Cullen, Connor and Aaron
@UCCTU - Protecting Coldwater Fisheries


I hope that you'll participate in our latest effort to rid our streams, rivers, lakes and shorelines of trash. It only takes a small effort on your part...and in addition to helping keep our waterways free of garbage...you just might win a great prize.


Ken Mock, President

Upper Chattahoochee Chapter Trout Unlimited