1. There's a hole in the river . . .

    This stretch of the Colorado might not float your boat

  2. Alaska's Tongass National Forest Shifts Focus from Timber to Salmon

    Jim Leslie’s life used to revolve around cutting old-growth timber. These days the Vietnam vet and longtime resident of Wrangell, Alaska, makes his living behind the wheel of jet boats, ferrying visitors to picturesque areas to view wildlife, glaciers and salmon.

  3. Helping fish beat the heat


  4. Worth more than gold...


  5. Senate gives a boost to farms and fish

  6. Casting Call Competition between Republicans and Democrats: And the Winners Are . . .

    Casting Call is held each year at the state Capitol in Sacramento

  7. The Naturalist's Trout

    I fish for larger, more difficult quarry when the opportunity presents itself.

  8. Holy Water

    Holy Water... you know it when you see it. When I got my first look at the Rapidan, I knew.

  9. Claret Bumble


    I love the way the mix of the blue head hackle and the claret dubbing came together on this one. Fly by Peter McCallum.

  10. Million pipeline: Go ahead, stick a fork in it. . .


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