What are your favorite Trout Tunes?

What do you listen to on your drive to the stream?

How about the drive home?

What song do you hum while playing a big fish?


I've been listening to some upbeat punk rock tunes on my way to the river (EARLY 7 Seconds, Rocket From the Crypt, The Hold Steady, etc), while taking it easy on the way home with some nice Bop from Coltrane, Blakey or Mobley.

For some reason I always wind up humming "Outfit" by the Drive By Truckers when I'm really catching a lot of fish.

From the folks at Big Trout Radio,
"On the Esophus"

I'm with Brennan. On the way to the river I want upbeat, rocking stuff. (Klaxons - Golden Skans, Alt-J - Fitzpleasure, Sleigh Bells, etc). On the way home, chill music.

If I'm into some great fishing...The Hives (e.g., Tick Tick Boom, Hate to say I told you so)