Potomac avg. first bite

  From Animal's TPFR post...

I just spoke with Gordon Leisch. He is a former marine biologist and VERY long time Potomac fall line angler.  His logs go back 50 + years. We averaged the date of the first bite for a few species.  Based on his records they are as follows.

Blue Catfish              Year Round  20 - 40 pounders being caught now on the sandbar
Gizzard Shad            March 1 in numbers but always around
White Perch              March 15th
H Shad                      March 30th
River Herring              March 30th
Striped Bass (big)      April 1st
Snakeheads              Insufficient data  Usually around the 1st of April with a high water event
A Shad                     April 15th