Coeur d' Alene River

Tip of the week: 

Streamer fishing and nymphing the seams, back eddies and slower pools will still be your best bet as we start coming into spring, but the warmer afternoons can get things going this month so keep your eyes out.

Seven-day forecast: 

The flows look stable the next few days, and then maybe a bump before the weekend. Good conditions for March!

Must Have Flies: 
Tunghead Stonefly black, yellow 8-12 Buy from
TH 20 Incher peacock 10-14 Buy from
Woolly Bugger black, olive 8-12 Buy from
Bead Head Prince peacock 16-20 Buy from
GD SculpSnack brown/flash 8-10 Buy from
Conehead Bunny Muddler olive, black 6-10 Buy from
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