President's Message -- July 2018

Memories Are Made in Tennessee

In just one word I’ll summarize the chapter’s recent fishing trip to The South Holston River in eastern Tennessee – WOW…make that a double WOW.


If you talk to any of the 18 participants who went on the trip you’ll most likely hear:


“I can’t wait to go back to the SOHO and Wautagua Rivers next year.”

“I’d like to stay and extra night and hit the river early.”

“The fishing was really fantastic and the sulfur hatches were outstanding.”

“The party and BBQ on Saturday was a blast.”


So, here’s the plan for 2019. We’ve already made reservations at The South Holston Castaways for mid-April. Yep, we’re going to try a different season based on what the guides mentioned. There will be blue wing olives, sulfurs and an array of other bugs to toss out to eager rainbows and browns. Make plans now and watch for the official announcement and registration early next year.


In the meantime, plan on fishing at Ron Cheslock’s private lake in early October and up in Brevard in early November. And, we’re planning to return to the lakes of Callaway Gardens in early December. Watch for announcements.


Lastly, don’t forget to clean your waders/boots and other gear if you were on the SOHO trip – possible Didymo and Whirling Disease can be transferred to our local rivers and streams.


I hope you’ll join us at our July 24th chapter meeting where chapter member Bob Wirtz will speak to us about his many Alaskan float trips and how he arranges them on a tight budget.


Ken Mock

Chapter President