Helpful tool

I was fishing with Jim Williams during our Fall trip and he was struggling with knots in the wind and cold. I showed him a tool I use that I saw at Alpharetta Outfitters which has saved me a bunch of frustration as the combination of wind, cold, numb fingers and age conspired to keep my fly off the water. It's called the Cinch Tie Knot Tying Tool and I have several around. A very similar item is the Lake Products Three in One Knot Tying Tool.

There's videos on You Tube that show how you can use your hemostats or even hackle pliers to do much the same thing but I find the spring mechanism on these tools easier to use, expecially with gloves on.

Next time you find yourself practicing your swear words adding a length of 6X tippet to your leader, you might want to check it out.

I use it to add tippet using a double or triple Surgeon's Knot or an Orvis Tippet knot. Clinch knots are a breeze, either with a fly or without to slip over the bend of a dry for a dropper. I  can whip out Rapala knots, Davy knots, Surgeon's loops and Orvis knots to attach flies.