Four Ways to Support Your Local Chapter

Local chapters are where the mission of Trout Unlimited is carried out on our home waters. Here are 4 ways you can join with many of our active members in supporting that mission.

1. Attend Meetings/Join in Chapter Activities: Meetings  and activities are fun and informative. They are also one of the best places to learn about that great fishing spot, the hot fly and where that honey hole is located. Most meetings involve bucket raffles and auctions that add to the fun and raise much needed funds. You might just leave with that "needed" fishing accessory. We enjoy getting to know you better and a little sweat equity is the best contribution.

2. Pay Local Dues/Donate: Voluntary local dues are a key funding stream to support all the activities we value whether on the water, in the classroom or advocating for sound laws and regulations protecting our cold water fisheries. It's easy to pay, just click the Donate link. It's easily available at our website or on our Facebook page.

If a particular program is very important to you, consider a donation in addition to voluntary dues where your schedule just won't let you volunteer.

3. Shop our Supporters and Say Thanks: Our fundraising efforts rely on the support we get from local merchants in the form of donated and reduced cost items. They support us because they value the work done by Trout Unlimited and our chapter, but also appreciate knowing that their support is good for their business. Next time you are shopping with a supporter introduce yourself as a member of the chapter and say thank you for their support. Don't be surprised to be thanked in return for the work the chapter does.

4. Support Your Fundraising Volunteers: You are making a purchase and the business owner wonders why someone hasn't approached them about supporting Trout Unlimited in their community. Please get a card or contact information and pass it on.  Similarly, you have an idea that would contribute to the success of the chapter's fundraising. Please share it. A quick email to is all it takes.