Changing Chapter Assignments

In a community as mobile as ours, it's helpful to know how to change your assignment to a local chapter.

A neighbor moved here from Colorado and noticed when he renewed his TU membership that he was still assigned to his old chapter in Colorado. He asked how he could get reassigned to UCCTU. Here's the information from TU:

Changing Chapter Assignment
If a member wants to change their chapter, they can do so the following ways:
• Call: Customer Service at 1-800-834-2419 to change your chapter.
• Email: and give your name, address, member #, and the chapter # and name you want to be assigned to. 
• Mail: a TU mailing back to us (such as a Membership Renewal Statement) with the correction written on the mail piece. Make sure you’re sending to the Wooly Bugger, WV address.

UCCTU is #436 - Upper Chattahoochee

Unless a member chooses a particular chapter when they join, they are assigned to a chapter based on their zip code.