Annual Sweep the Hooch



2017 event was held on Saturday, April 8


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Sweep the Hooch is an annual day of service to the Chattahoochee River mobilizing volunteers on foot, in waders, or paddlers to remove trash at sites throughout the watershed. Sweep the Hooch brings people together to give back to the mighty river that gives us so much.

Beginning in 2011, Upper Chattahoochee Chapter of Trout Unlimited worked with Chattahoochee Riverkeeper and the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area to host the inaugural Sweep the Hooch cleanup. Since then, the event has grown to include numerous local partners, hundreds of volunteers and cleanup sites along more than 70 miles of the river. 

Through Sweep the Hooch since 2011, we have removed 41 TONS of trash with the assistance of almost 3000 volunteers from the Chattahoochee and its tributaries.

We are gearing up for another BIG cleanup this year, on April 8! Although it's obvious to most that river cleanups improve the quality of our water, we’ve discovered that they do much more than that. Cleanups are also a great way to develop a sense of “river community.” This is your chance to volunteer and be part of this community. 

Cleanup locations will take place over 70 river and tributary miles – from Don Carter State Park through the Chattahoochee Recreation Area, and all the way down to Chattahoochee Bend State Park.  Cleanup sites in between include Peachtree Creek, Tanyard Creek, Proctor Creek and more being added each day.




The Impact of Our Cleanup


Our 2016 cleanup resulted in 15.4 tons of river refuse – all with the support of over 535 volunteers who walked, waded, and paddled at 40 cleanup sites spread over 70 river miles. The largest amount of trash was collected at Tanyard Creek, Peachtree Creek and Proctor Creek, which are located in densely urban areas.


The 2015 cleanup resulted in 7.16 tons of river refuse picked up – all with the support of over 500 volunteers. That's over 14,320 pounds.


Our 2014 cleanup resulted in 7.274 tons of river refuse removed with over a half ton of trash recycled – all with the support of over 580 volunteers.
The 2013 cleanup resulted in 3.7 tons of river refuse collected with more than half ton of trash recycled – all with the support of over 550 volunteers.
Our 2012 cleanup resulted in 3.81 tons of river refuse removed with 1.07 tons of trash recycled – all with the support of over 445 volunteers.   
Our inaugural cleanup resulted in 2.76 tons of trash with 1,500 pounds of material we later recycled – all with the support of over 360 volunteers.  


Sweep the Hooch 2014 from One Entertainment Productions on Vimeo.

3rd Annual Sweep the Hooch from CRK-TV on Vimeo.



We remove everything - even the kitchen sink!