President's Letter - July

One of the new initiatives UCCTU has undertaken this year has been to help in the recovery of military veterans who have suffered mild to moderate brain injury or PTSD in post 9/11 conflicts.  Veterans are enrolled in 8-10 week individual programs through the SHARE Military Initiative at the Shepherd Center.  Part of their rehabilitation is to learn fly tying and rod building.  Our contribution is to take them fly fishing.


Former Navy piliot and UCCTU Fundraising Chair Denny Desmond has agreed to coordinate this program on behalf of UCCTU.  Twice per month up to three veterans sign up for three-hour fishing trips to local waters.  Denny makes the arrangements for these trips.  This involves coordinating schedules of UCCTU volunteers, veterans and sources of transportation for the veterans; making arrangements for fishing equipment; and timing trips to optimize weather and water release conditions on the Chattahoochee River.  Fraught with last minute changes, it is not an easy task.


A number of veterans have participated in the program this summer.  Thank you to Denny for coordinating these trips and for the UCCTU members who have volunteered to help with the program.  If anyone would like to help with these efforts, please contact Denny Desmond at


Jim Harvey